We had a delightful experience at Jordan Motorz! Mark & Ash had the perfect BMW available. They stood out in the rain with us to search for a car that fit out needs! They were flexible and enjoyable to work with! Their selection of cars is astounding! Will definitely be going back to buy cars in the future.

Susanna Lubeck

Portland, OR

Just bought a 2007 H2, it was the best buying experience I've had buying a vehicle, and I've bought several ... Thank you Ash, and staff for making this happen without any BS... Lol.. i would recommend coming out and checking out their inventory, i can tell you they have by far the nicest selection of fine vehicles.

Vanessa Armstrong

Gresham, OR
2007 Hummer H2

I have been upgrading my car every other year for the past 10 years! I have bought every single car from Jordan Motorz because of the awesome customer service, and the great quality of cars they sell. I have recommended them to every single family member and friend of mine, and anyone who's gone to check out their inventory, has purchased a car from them. I will never go anywhere else!

Lara Ventimiglia

Portland, OR
2014 Land Rover Range Rover

I have bought my recent 2 cars from Jordan Motorz and the reason I come back is because of the family atmosphere. The owner is very involved in the whole deal from A to Z. They brought the car to my house after final maintenance and detail was done on it! The service is A++

Mark B

Beaverton, OR

It was my first time ever buying a car over the phone! I live in Canada and prices here are ridiculous! I called and spoke to a lot of dealers in Oregon, but many gave me the cold shoulder once they heard I was a Canadian buyer. I talked to Ash at Jordan Motorz finally and he sold me the car over the phone! After spending almost an hour going over the car and everything that was done to it and the whole process of international purchasing, I felt extremely comfortable and trusty of this man on the other line. I gave him my credit card number over the phone for a deposit, we planned for my arrival to Oregon the following weekend, and he arranged for a personal driver to pick me up from the airport, and take me to the dealership to finalize the deal. I met Ash face to face and thanked him for his great service! The car was just how he described it! I drove the car out of his dealership extremely satisfied and happy! I even sent my brother in law to him to purchase a car!

David C

Victoria, Canada